The Bionic Ear Roadshow

The Bionic Ear Show is an educational, fun and interactive show that promotes safe listening.

Full of surprises and with lots of opportunities for audience participation, the Show demonstrates the amazing structures that lie within our ears.

national lottery awards 2012 finalistBy the end of the Show, the world’s largest ear, over 22ft long and 116 times larger than a normal ear, has been created on stage!

The show is suitable for all ages and venues and has been designed to work well in the smallest village school or in a large professional theatre.

Linked to the school curriculum, the show tells the story of sound as it travels through the ear to the brain, what happens in different parts of the hearing system, and how each part can 'break down', for example when the ear is damaged by noise.

Learn how sound travels from the ear to the brain!

Become a sound wave!

Find out if you hear better with your ears or your eyes!

the bionic ear show team celebrate second place in the 2012 national lottery awards


The show was informative, interactive and engaging. I have not been looking after my ears properly. I am now going to turn my mp3 player down and carry a pair of ear plugs with me where ever I go. – Year 11 student.


A delightful mixture of fun and laugher with scientific information and thoughtful elements. The children were involved with the show and amazed by some of the areas of the show. – Primary school teacher.




Hearing Loss

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